brunch in the garden

People & places


Time for a morning snack in the garden of the Palazzo Parisio, Valletta, Malta.  Photo was taken with a fisheye lens giving a 180 degree view.


deep space traveler

Abstracts & macros


This spaceship? is actually a small imperfection inside a slab of granite rock.  The dots  are flecks of debris reflected into the lens.  Taken with a 50mm normal lens mounted in reverse position on a fully extended bellows.  I am guessing the magnification is around 4X  but thats just a guess.  The spaceship was so small, it was invisible to a naked eye.


Dogs & cats


The newest member of our family is Toodles, a 4 month old Aussiedoodle ( 1/2 Australian Shepard and 1/2 Poodle.)  In this photo she weighs almost 30 lbs. and we expect her to be 40 to 50 lbs when full grown.  Right now her biggest problem is chewing – everything from shoes to table legs, cereal boxes, etc.  Anything wooden, plastic, or paper is in jeopardy if it’s within her reach. Our house is a disaster, but we love her anyway!!