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M5031966mod4bwThese old ore carts are reminders of the gold mining towns in the Western U.S. during the 1800’s.  This image was taken last year at a ghost town in southwestern Montana.  Processing was done to achieve an “older” photo look.


heavy duty



This is an industrial lathe turning a railroad truck.  Heavy cranes lift the truck into place on the lathe and then it’s locked in.  The lathe will then slowly turn, and a cutting bit will true the wheels to absolutely round (+/- .oo1 inch).

There was very little lighting in this railroad shop so I took 5 exposures and blended them to create a HDR type image.  The lens was a 7.5 mm fisheye on my Olympus EM5.  Exposure times were 1 second to 4 minutes at f5.6.